Hello and a Warm Welcome to Making Hungary Home

Making Hungary Home

Our Move From England to Hungary

Why we chose Hungary to be our retirement home, the stages we went through and how we did it.

Everyday Expat Life in Rural Hungary

All about our lives as Expat’s in our little rural village, what we do, what we see and experience and how we live our retirement years.

Photography through the Seasons

I love photography so my faithful camera goes everywhere with me, recording beautiful memories, Hungarian events and snapshots of our everyday lives.

Hungarian Celebrations
  • Revolution Day
  • Easter in Hungary
  • Labour Day/May Day
Sunflowers of Hungary
Gardening in a Hungary

Gardening in our new country is very different to England, meaning we are learning to adapt to a new climate and growing conditions. This can sometimes be challenging!

About Us – Sue, Eric and Raphael

Hello and Welcome! We are English Expat’s and young retirees. Three years ago my husband, my son and I decided to take the plunge and leave cold wet England to retire abroad to beautiful, peaceful rural Hungary. Some may say a reckless impulsive decision but we have to disagree as we are very happy living this rural lifestyle. Our home is being gradually renovated, and we have a huge garden with much potential. Life is quiet and relaxing, far different from the hustle bustle of our city life in England. Take a look and see what makes us tick!

More About Us

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Our Beautiful Siberian Husky, Haley

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