Everyday Life in Hungary

May’s Nature Tour around the charming village of Kisszékely, Hungary

Our little village is full of overflowing gardens everywhere you look, this particular one caught my eye, obviously a lot of work went into this with a stunning result, and the bonus…the Mock Orange smelt heavenly!! I took these photos late afternoon hence the lengthening shadows. A beautiful time to explore the village with its changing seasonal beauties. Each month I have taken a walk around Kisszékely with my camera to record natures changes. It is amazing how quickly Mother Nature has awoken to brighten our world.

There is a lovely seated area adjacent to the swimming pool full of maturing shrubs and trees. There are bird boxes and bird tables dotted all around. A pleasure to sit and peacefully admire.

Across the wooden bridge over the reed filled river and to the entrance of the swimming pool area. Open during the hot summer months it’s very well attended. There are wooden picnic tables and huge trees to sit among on the grass. There is also an outdoor oven for Al Fresco dining if you like!

“Messing about on the water” these lads were cycing around the village whislt I was photographing, they were having so much fun, enjoying the fresh air and appreciating their surroundings. That’s what we used to do when we were young…no internet then!!

As I circumnavigated the lake I had to negotiate this wooden bridge and steep slope, stupidly not really having the right footwear was a mistake! Even worse if I visit during the winter months as it does get rather slippery.

Round the other side of Kisszékely Lake I wanted to experiment with framing and used natural objects to achieve this. The trees were growing on an angle towards the water that created a perfect snapshot of the otherside.

My man, my taxi and my other eye. 👓 He is forever patient and waits for hours for me hopping in and out of the car to get that perfect shot.

This is our local church we are high up the side of the valley and I’m having fun, dreadfully modelling for “I can’t use the camera Eric“stood on the edge of a wheat field!

Kisszékely Church and the fabulous view over the valley, everything is so vibrantly green it’s beautiful.

This is a Pince (winehouse/cellar), a tiny building with accomodation at the top and wine making facilities/equipment in the cellar. They are sited next to the owners vineyards. This one had an amazing Virginia Creeper up the whole side of the building, in its garden it had fig trees with ripe fruit.

Over the other side of the valley I got a perfect view of the village church and the Panzio (guest house) we stayed in before we moved over to Hungary permanently. This is the link where we stayed and it was amazing!

I was staggered when I came across masses of wild roses, all growing wild and randomly, their delicate pink petals covering all the hedgerow.

The trees all seem to be heavy with lovely blooms. The other photo shows caves made into the hillside usually at the end of a person’s garden. They are used for storage and are quite a common sight. This garden had a wire fence around it, and a yappy dog, I had to be quick peering through the fence, you can see the bronzing on the photo.

The last view, the vast lush green landscape goes on for miles, over the valley and onto the next little rural village in Hungary.

It has been a pleasure putting together this months nature walk. I shall be doing the same next month, follow me to join me on next months photographic journey.

By Sue

I am an English Ex-Pat living in Hungary with my wonderful husband and gaming-mad teenage son. You can find me frequently writing, reading and taking photographs. We live in a beautiful small rural village surrounded by forests and lakes always appreciating the beauty around us. Life is good.

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