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How to “Beat The Mosquito’s” and “Please Your Garden”

Living in Hungary has meant we experience 4 definite seasons every year. This is wonderful as we can plan our gardening around the climate for maximum production.

We are now in sunny hot July and daily temperatures are soaring into the 30’s (C). I LOVE hot sunny weather but along with the long balmy days comes the annoyance of mosquitos. The UK had very little mosquito activity so it was quite a shock to be bombarded with them every single day!

My gardening schedule had to change as I was getting bitten to death early evening in spite of the fact I was applying lashings of mosquito cream!

So with a little effort and rearranging my gardening tasks I managed to avoid mosquitoes altogether! I had identified that mosquitoes in Hungary were prevalent in the evening, (I know it is different in some countries depending upon the species) the time I did most of my gardening. I decided to change my essential gardening to early mornings. Early being before 7.00 am! After a little more research I realised that not only would I be avoiding the mosquitoes but I would be giving my garden a super boost… just what it needed!

By changing to morning gardening I have at last (I think) conquered the mosquito issue. Early morning gardening brings with it several other benefits to both me and my garden.

8 BRILLIANT reasons to do your gardening BEFORE 7.00 am

🍒If you are going to cut flowers from your garden, pick them first thing in the morning when the stems are full of early morning dew, this will in turn make them last longer.

🍒 If you are going to pick fruit or berries wait a little until the dew has dried and has been absorbed into the fruit. These cherries still have their morning dew.

🍒 Weeding becomes so much easier as the ground is soft and the rampant weeds are easily pulled from the ground.

🍒Watering your flower gardens and veggie plots first thing in the morning gives your plants a great kick start to begin their day. The first drink of the day is truly beneficial to both humans and plants.

🍒 If you are going to feed your plants a fertilizer, first thing in the morning is the best time, as they absorb the fertilizer far more efficiently.

🍒 Remember your feathered friends who you share your garden with. Fill up their birdbaths and bird tables regularly as you will surely benefit from returning birds with their beautiful curious ways.

🍒 I have found that I have far more energy in the morning even though I get up early at 5.00am when it gets light. I am not alone in my early morning gardening, neighbours are also out tending to their plots before the sun becomes too unbearably hot.

🍒 My final reason is of course the most important one – I am no longer contending with the pesky activities of the Hungarian mosquitto. A joyous reason indeed to do “Early Bird” gardening.

We have been here 3 years and have only just realised that a simple change in timings has made the world of difference both to me and my garden.
Me and My Boots!

By Sue

I am an English Ex-Pat living in Hungary with my wonderful husband and gaming-mad teenage son. You can find me frequently writing, reading and taking photographs. We live in a beautiful small rural village surrounded by forests and lakes always appreciating the beauty around us. Life is good.

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