Seasonal Photographs

Seasonal Summer Photos in and around Kisszékely, Hungary

We are nearing the end of summer in our little rural village of Kisszékely. Our 3rd summer here and every one has been wonderfully beautiful, full of flowers and wildlife, sights and sounds I would never hear in the city.

I have collected together my 12 best summer photos to give you an idea of summer life in Hungary.

The glorious sunflowers of Hungary, all different shades of yellow attracting bees and insects all summer long.

As the late sun goes down over Kisszékely lake it reminds me of why we moved to such a tranquil place. So very peaceful.

Haley Husky loves to get involved in every aspect of gardening! She manages to find her way under my feet regularly!

Hungary are blessed with radiant orangey sunsets, this one was particularly beautiful.

I can’t resist a field of sunflowers in full bloom. The heads are left on until the plant is completely brown and ready for harvesting later in the year.

Our garden has many Hibiscus of varying colours white through pinks and purples. It would appear to be a popular easy to grow plant with many flowers all summer long.

This is my colourful view whilst relaxing on our verandah.

This is the view from our bedroom window… lots of delicious sunflower seeds for hungry finches.

The white roses have flowered three times this year producing a wonderful display.

Walking around the village I was taken in by this lovely front garden. The splash of red often seen in front of Hungarian houses pops out at you. In Hungary the residents are responsible for the grass verges outside their houses.

We are fortunate to have a fairly lively animal farm in the village with a huge variety of animals including there gorgeous donkeys. They were looking hopefully for something to nibble.

Country life in Kisszékely Hungary suits us very well. Now it’s time to prepare for crisp autumn walks and hot warming casseroles.

Seasonal Photographs

Spring Sunshine in Kisszékely, Hungary

Spring has arrived in this beautiful part of the world. The sun shines and our little village comes alive with colour and new life thanks to Mother Nature. We are blessed here in Hungary having very definite seasons, starting and finishing pretty much the same time every year. Mother Nature never disappoints.

I do hope you see how much I appreciate living in Hungary, it is just so beautiful. Below are links to my most recent posts, please do have a look.

Sunshine flowers – the splendid daffodil

Seasonal Photographs

Autumn Colours of Kisszékely, Hungary

As summer turns to autumn, the trees change their leaves in preparation for winter. The village lake looks particularly beautiful with its changing backdrop. The stunning sky as the sun sets gives an ever changing array of colours. These are photographs taken in and around Kisszékely, a small rural village in Hungary.

The tree lined lake into Kisszékely
Carpets of crunchy leaves cover the ground
Picnic benches entice you to sit and enjoy the peaceful lake
Kisszékely Lake with spectacular reflections
Changing colours mirrored in Kisszékely lake
Reflections and fishermen, Kisszékely lake
Little fishing piers lining Kisszékely lake
Forest trails with changing trees
The browns of a fir cone
Ferns changing colour
The night sky, Kisszékely
Changing colours over Kisszékely village
Seasonal Photographs

Winter Wonderland in and Around Kisszékely, Hungary

I am English and in common with most British people love talking about the weather! We check our forecasts daily and use it as an opening topic of conversation wherever we go. As Hungary has such definite seasons it’s hard to grumble about the weather because it’s pretty predictable. The four seasons come and go usually at the same time every year. As we have recently had snow, I thought it would be lovely to post my top photos I have taken throughout the winter months. Some from this year and some from last. Our village is equally beautiful in all of the four seasons so shall do the same for each of the season starting with winter.

Driving in snow covered roads, Kisszékely, Hungary
The snowy road into Kisszékely
The frozen fishing lake in Kisszékely
Picture Postcard!
Seats in the snow!
Snow laden trees
Deer Crossing!
Beautiful white trees, Kisszékely fishing lake
The frozen village fishing lake covered with ice and snow
Farm animals out in the snow
Farm donkey in the snow, Kisszékely
Picturesque village lake, Kisszékely
Thatched cottage covered in snow, Kisszékely

I love photography, capturing memories whatever the weather. There is always something different to see. I shall post pictures of future seasons in due course. I hope you loved looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.