Everyday Life in Hungary

Exploring Pretty Kisszékely, Hungary in June

The weather in Kisszékely this month has been a mixture of very hot sun and torrential rain showers. Everywhere is noticeably greener and at last feels like summer has arrived.

We are very fortunate to have not one but two lakes in the village. One of them belongs to Simontornya (next village) and the other to Kisszékely. Both lakes are available and accessible to everyone for fishing, picnicking or just sitting an admiring. These are the resident ducks patrolling the waters but sometimes illusive to photograph. I got lucky.

Wandering up the main street of the village, I passed a local Panzio (Bed&Breakfast) looking very empty with currently no guests due to the current pandemic.

These Red Hot Pokers are stunning making such a pretty colourful display on someone’s front verge. I do believe they are also called “Mother-in-Law’s Tongues? In Hungary, unlike England, homeowners have responsibility for the verges outside their houses.

Hungary boasts plenty of lizards, you spot them dashing around or just sitting sunning themselves. This handsome fellow stayed still long enough for me to photograph. There are also an abundance of colourful butterflies everywhere you walk. Nice to look at but when they are caterpillars they demolish my garden!

This time of year the trees are laden with fruit and nuts like these, nectarines, mulberries and hazelnuts.

Kisszékely is in a valley surrounded by hills with staggering views the higher up you go. I walked up as far as I could and spotted hundreds of birds just sitting on the telegraph poles.

I obviously was not quiet enough because suddenly with a whoosh and alot of noise they took flight!

Back down into the village and the entrance to the lake belonging to Simontornya village.

I really like this shot of the path surrounding this lake, like a mysterious tunnel of giant trees, very peaceful and tranquil. A popular place for walking dogs.

I sat on one of the many wooden jetties around the lake to take these shots. The jetties are made of wood and some have seen better days! Each fishing jetty belongs to someone and they usually have name plaques to tell you this.

The last shot of this beautiful lake before moving on.

Kisszékely is a hunting and fishing village attracting many people from far and wide to take part in hunts. There is a hunting lodge in the village specifically for this. Hunters come, pay their dues and take part in organised hunts. The grounds and the forests are extensive and are full of boar and deer. There is a giant outdoor fridge made available for the hunters to store their hunts.

The hunting lodge also has a beautiful lake attached with a million mosquitoes hovering around. It was late in the day, I did not stay long!

Through the forest and from a distance I spotted these deer amongst the darkness of the trees.

The boar breeding is in full swing at the moment. I did not realise they had so many babies. They took a quick look at me and made a run for it!

I know hunting is a controversial topic. I am merely taking photos of what I see and sharing with you snippets of village life.

Mama boar and her cute babies.

Leaving the hunting forest I came across this glorious rustic rambling rose covering a run down building. Just gorgeous.

Hungary is sunflower country, fields and fields of them in the summer. This one however turned her back on me! My first sunflower shot of the year, I shall be taking more sunflower shots soon.

It has been a pleasure putting together this months nature walk, I hope you liked it too. I shall be doing the same next month, follow me to join me on next months’ photographic journey.