Everyday Life in Hungary

Magical July in Hungary

Lavender Fields

We are so lucky to have lavender fields in our little village. The farm opened their gates to the public last week and I could not resist taking a look with my camera and taking the obligatory pruners! I collected 3 bags of their heavenly lavender. The ladies running the field were very helpful and encouraged me to stuff my bags full! I had to watch out for the bees as there were many buzzing around also enjoying the lavender. The smell was divine and it was interesting to see the little tractor harvesting the lavender into large white sacks. It will later be processed into essential oil, soaps and honey. Lavender has many therapeutic qualities, I like to use it as a sleep aid. In its oil format I use it to treat burns with amazing results. It soothes the burnt skin.

Village Swimming Pool

Our little village swimming pool opened its gates at the beginning of July. For 2 years (because of the pandemic) it has been closed so we were thrilled to hear it was fully operational again. We have a good sized pool with a slide for the youngsters. Great value too…just over £2.00 for the full day. There is a large grassed area with trees, outdoor games, fire pits, oven and picnic benches. The local ice-cream man visits daily selling not just ice-creams but sweet yummy cakes too. A lovely place to spend the day…and just on our doorstep.

Haley our Siberian Husky

We are fortunate that a visiting vet comes annually to administer Rabies vaccinations to the local dogs. Haley does not travel well in the car so we very much appreciate this rural service. She has recently been shedding her winter fur which takes a few weeks. We are constantly brushing her to help her shed. Huskies, you would think, do not do well in hot weather as they are associated with a cold climate and snow. However, Haley would appear to love sunbathing in the high temperature we are having in Hungary at the moment. Her summer coat keeps her cool and she munches on ice cubes. She is a very active dog and loves to poke her head through the railings frequently to see what’s happening. When she is exhausted she takes a nap…but still has an ear open so as not to miss any action!

Sunflower Fields

Travelling around the countryside you cannot help but notice the many sunflower fields that line the roads. They are a staggering sight covering acres of fields with a vibrant yellow. Hungary is a big producer of sunflower oil and the flowers will be around for weeks with the farmers letting them dry ready to be harvested for their precious oil. We grow sunflowers in our garden but purely for the pleasure of looking at them. The finches love the seeds and are frequent visitors a bit later on in the year.

Residency Permits

The UK has recently left the European Union, meaning those of us who are British, living somewhere else needed to apply for residency status in our respective countries. Having already gone through this process before (when we first arrived 4 years ago) we expected this to be straightforward and easy. We had 12 months to complete this process (until the end of December 21) but there have been many difficulties with the Hungarian computer systems. Finally 6 months later we managed to complete the process and so now hopefully, we will retain our status in our adopted country.

Without a fridge during a heatwave!

We are currently experiencing a heatwave in Hungary…high temperatures of 38/39 degrees Celsius which is a touch uncomfortable. Imagine our horror and dismay when our Samsung fridge-freezer decided to stop working! We asked a Hungarian neighbour to contact Samsung on our behalf to arrange to get it fixed! Would you believe, 2 weeks later we have had no visit from Samsung, or explanation even though we have a 10 year warranty. We have ended up buying a very small fridge to tide us over until we can get our main fridge freezer fixed. There was talk that the part required was no longer available but I don’t know how true that is. I am certainly struggling with the after sales service from this company.

I am going to be a granny again!

What joy it is when your eldest son tells you “Mum you are going to be a granny again” I am so happy for him and his partner but slightly saddened I cannot go over to England and celebrate their news. They are expecting a boy (they have a daughter already) which is super news. I am for ever thankful for the internet and facetime, years ago we would not have had that privilege. My granddaughter will be 4 this year and starting nursery school soon, I do miss her. Maybe next year when this disabling pandemic is over (or controlled) I will be able to reconnect in real life.

So that was just a little update of what has been happening in our lives at the moment. This weekend is the annual Harvest Festival in the village. A wonderful occasion that I shall be photographing, watch out for the next blog entry. 😃

Everyday Life in Hungary

Heatwave Hungary!

Phew it is hot!!! The temperature is reading 37 degrees Celsius 98.6 Fahrenheit, 2.30 pm. Hungary are experiencing their first heatwave of the year. Perhaps it will reach an all time high of 41 degrees Celsius? The farmers and villagers are praying for rain as the ground is so parched and crops are in need of water.

I tend to take water for granted, but here water is valuable, not to be wasted and reused if possible. There are water pumps in the street for those villagers without mains supply. It is quite humbling to see villagers filling their bottles from the pumps. Yesterday our water pressure took a severe drop and some people in the village higher up the valley had no water atall. Through the village Facebook site I gathered there may be some broken pipes in the village but it also coincided with the annual “fill the village swimming pool up”which may have effected the water pressure.

Water pumps line the village streets

The Hungarian government have issued a state of emergency during the heatwave advising people about health and safety precautions and general health tips to stay safe in the heat. Interestingly if you see a child or pet in a hot car…call the emergency services, I worry they might be some time getting to remote places!

So what have I been doing this week?

Out and About – Been out and about to Székesfehérvár (I can just about pronounce it!) and came across some staggering poppy fields on the way. I have tried to take photos that are slightly different.

We also passed a good looking riding stables and just had to stop. It was a good opportunity to take a couple of photos of these gorgeous horses..

We then collected milk from the local farm, the cows were ambling around just waiting to be photographed!!. This one caught my eye…on further examination later on my PC I noticed the close up…. of the tongue!!! HaHa!

There were also sheep asleep on the roadside sheltering from the blazing sun. These are racka sheep, an ancient type of sheep, said to be living here with us in Hungary since cc. 970…

Finally stopped off for a coffee at a friend’s and admired her beautiful water-lilies. We had a lovely day 🙂

We ventured out again and admired the local lavender fields in the village.

Kisszékely lavender fields

Then a visit to the lake…I am pursuing an elusive heron…I know he is there but thought I would have a better chance walking by the lake so as not to distract this flighty bird. Sadly not to be seen!

We then went onto the tops and admired the hay bails Lol!!

Impulsive intrepid Eric (my husband) decided to drive through the forest…I was worried the car would tip at the deep tractor ruts along the way. Thankfully we made it safely back to home base 🙂

Brexit – The UK have now left the European Union which means as residents we need to re-apply for our status in Hungary. There is lots of red tape, paper filling and lengthy visits to get through before we can be issued with this valuable status. We are lucky in Hungary and have until 31st December to submit our paperwork, some European countries require these documents by the 31st June. So with plenty of time to get organised I managed to print of the lengthy 18 page document, fill them in and get the required passport photos needed for the documents. I needed help finding a place to get the said photos, friends helped for which I was very thankful. They don’t appear to have photo booths here like in the UK, it was a case of do it online and go to the local chemist for printouts.

Gardening Progress

We invested this year in a large polytunnel to grow tomatoes and water melons. 6 weeks later we have baby water melons and masses of very healthy tomatoes. We have found if we grow tomatoes outside they become infested with bugs and do not yield their maximum crop. We are hopeful this year we will have a good harvest to preserve to last us through the winter.

Something else new this year is our living fence. Next door neighbours have a very unsightly wall and I wanted to grow a fence of sunflowers to hide it. After collecting hundreds of seeds last year I planted a long line, in the Spring the length of the wall. In between the sunflowers I planted marigolds, again from seeds collected from last year. I think it will give a staggering long lasting display and cover the ugly wall!

The weeding is never ending with weeds shooting up on a daily basis. The only way to keep on top is little and often, preferably around 5.00 am in the morning before it gets unbearably hot.

Preparations for the big 60 Birthday at the end of July!

So the time is approaching for the big 60 birthday. Age to me is a number but it is nice to celebrate the special ones. Covid19 has put a stop to any romantic weekend away so the revised plan is to have a meal at the local castle restaurant, sitting outside with the hotel and spa facilities available and the added bonus of an outdoor pool. We went to have a look and it looks super. Of course I took lots of photos.

Finally… I have been asked to write a daily piece on two different pages on Facebook about family life in rural Hungary. I was very flattered and am enjoying promoting this fantastic country and what it has to offer. It also gives me an opportunity to continue my photography capturing special moments during our time in Hungary.

Everyday Life in Hungary

Chatting to a Newspaper Journalist, Making Bacon, Building a Tandoori Oven!

A few weeks ago whilst browsing Facebook a journalist was asking to interview expats living in rural Hungary. That’s me, I thought so  I contacted her and said I would be happy to talk with her.  She writes for the Budapest Times and travels around the country with another person who is a travel guide.  We met up at a local restaurant and chatted for almost 3 hours.  Her tape recorder came out on the table, I was a little apprehensive at first but it was all good and went very well.  After a while I forgot the tape recorder was there!

When we had finished chatting they both wanted a tour of our village so I took them to all the pretty places.  They were very impressed.  The article was published recently in the Budapest Times and here it is

I was overwhelmed with everyone’s good wishes after it was published, I almost felt like a celebrity!  Added to that the journalist was extremely complimentary about my photographs and suggested I joined a Facebook group who would appreciate them too.  I joined, and was approached by a gentleman who asked if I could start a regular feature posting my photos with a little text about rural life in Hungary! Of course, I said yes!!  Sometimes I need a little push in the right direction.

Kisszékely church overlooking the valley
Life in the slow lane, Kisszékely village
Kisszékely lake

So, in other news…

Making Bacon

We all like bacon in our house and was a little disappointed with Hungarian bacon so decided we should make our own smoked bacon. We invested in a meat slicer and bought a huge piece of belly pork with the skin on. Next, we removed any bones and cleaned the meat thoroughly. We then pricked the meaty side very well with a fork, made a salt and brown sugar coating 50/50 and rubbed it in very well all over. Then we wrapped it up so it was sealed (carton or cling film) and put in the fridge for 2 days. After 2 days, we removed the pork from the fridge, washed it well to remove the coating and dried with a kitchen towel. Now for the smoking. We created a home made smoker from wood we had in the garden and cold smoked the bacon for 3 days in the smoker. The aroma around the garden was tantalising. Finally after 3 days we sliced and ate it. The bacon freezes well if necessary. We shall never buy bacon again, it was so delicious and had a gorgeous smoky taste.

Our dog sat very patiently throughout the whole procedure hoping for a quick bite!

Building a Tandoori Oven

The boys in my life, my husband and my son have been busy in the garden making a Tandoori oven this week. Neither of us had built or cooked on a traditional tandoor before… originating from Turkey. I assumed it originated from India…!! How wrong I was. We did a virgin run yesterday and the results were fantastic. Apparently, according to our guests you could smell the beautiful cooking smells all over the village! Our Hungarian neighbour was out gardening and was very curious to know what Eric and Raphael were building….he kept nodding and saying “egen” (yes in English) when Eric explained he was making an oven, I don’t think he really understood! We marked the occasion by inviting a couple of friends who live in our little village to be our virgin tandoor tasters. We had a very fun afternoon, with lots of laughter and good conversation. The food was great, expertly cooked by Chef Eric and enjoyed with great company, New Zealander Jackie and her Hungarian husband Gabor.

We have a “Kings Chair” for Eric made from repurposed tyres… Jackie and Gabor posed for pictures. We had a fabulous Tandoori Day!


Everyday Life in Hungary

June has arrived!

A surprising few months in our little village of Kisszékely, Hungary.

Sunrise, Kisszékely, Hungary

Our winter seemed to be especially long this year and only provided two days of snow! I am English (a bit obsessed with the weather) and love the snow. I had been waiting patiently for the snowfalls we had had in previous years, very disappointed it was not forthcoming.

I longed for the spring to hurry up and arrive along with warm sunshine early mornings and light evenings. I was keen to get back to living mostly outside which I enjoy most. The link below will give you an idea of the snow that fell in January 2021.

Finally by the end of May all the tell-tale signs began to appear signifying the start of beautiful spring.

First Signs of Spring

The first signs of spring in Hungary are the returning storks from their far off migration in central Africa. Storks are a regular sight in most rural villages, making their homes on top of telegraph posts or chimney pots…apparently a sign of good luck. Storks usually return to their birthing place year after year to begin the circle of life all over again.

Our little village does not have resident storks, which is a shame as they are fascinating birds. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw out of our bedroom window a stork perched delicately on the top of the telegraph pole opposite. I could not contain my excitement and rushed out onto the street to stand and stare at this enormous bird. I took dozens of photos as he seemed to be hanging around and did not object. Our dog was less impressed and patrolled the front fence, up and down constantly. She was obviously eager for some “chasing fun”!!

I asked on the village Facebook page how we could encourage the storks to stay in the village and nest here. Sadly, I was told the food supply is better met in other villages. Apparently they are partial to frogs.

The stork that visited Kisszékely, looking for a mate!

Another sign spring is here are the bountiful fields full of colourful poppies and then the strong pungent smell of the rape seed fields covering the countryside with blankets of bright yellow flowers. Truly beautiful.

Poppies and wild flowers, Hungary
Rape seed fields, Hungary

We seem to have had an unusually high amount of rain recently, which obviously the farmers are ecstatic about. We are too but to a lesser degree….rain means the weeds grow very energetically! Our garden has been covered in dandelions for most of the month of May. We left our grass uncut to give a little help to the bees. As the weather was a little warmer, I took a walk around the village and stumbled on what I can only call “Raining Dandelions” the seeds were flying everywhere, it was quite surreal.

“Raining Dandelions”

I love the spring blossom adorning the trees in the little villages, I constantly say “look, look how lovely the blossom!”. My patient husband regularly stops on roadsides for me to leap out of the car and take photos! This one is in the next village with a rather spectacular display of blossoms.

Tolnanémedi blossoms

Buy Local

Once a week we do our supermarket shop and often pass through little villages with road side stalls selling various home-grown, home-preserved plants, fruits, vegetables and home smoked meats. With so much choice it was difficult to choose where to stop. We were very tempted by a colourful display of hanging baskets bursting with petunias. Last year my choice was Black Eyed Susan’s, this year it is Petunias. The stall holder spoke no English but suddenly said “Várjon” (Wait)…two minutes later a young girl rushed to greet us and spoke in perfect English…a total surprise in rural Hungary. We spent a good amount of time talking about England and subsequently bought two glorious hanging baskets. We also stocked our car with a sack of potatoes, a sack of onions and several tomato plants.

Local Churches of Photographic Interest

I tend to travel everywhere with my camera and usually take pictures everyday, even when we go supermarket shopping! This church is in Tamási with the deer outside depicting the presence of numerous deer in the surrounding area.  The Catholic church in the town centre is built on the ruins of a Roman founded temple.

Iregszemcse village also has a visually interesting church. As you can see there are a multitude of electric cables obscuring the view…very normal in Hungary.

The last church photo in this set was taken in Sárbogárd. I was intrigued by the unusual shape. It helped the sky was such a vivid blue. You will notice there is slight dusting of snow on the ground, taken late February 2021.

Sometimes our travels take us to Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, and one of the region’s foremost tourist destinations. During the Covid pandemic all the attractions and public beaches have been closed but I managed to access this one which had several beautiful swans gliding across the water.

Local Walking

One of my good friends, also an Ex-pat is an avid walker and wanted to take a walk around our little village. We decided to set off early 8.00 am as walking in the heat later is not too pleasant. Our village nestles between rolling hills with an abundance of forests surrounding us. The walls of the valley are steep and some effort was required to reach our target…the highest viewing point in Kisszékely. We passed bee hives on our way up and then were greeted with an abundance of Acacia trees, specially planted for the bees to make Hungary’s speciality honey. By the time we had reached the viewing point we were glad of the picnic tables for a seat and the sturdy viewing platform, to take photos, it was certainly worth the effort. We were lucky enough to watch a pair of storks coasting on the wind and thoroughly enjoying the early morning weather. Next time I shall have a zoom lens to capture these precious moments.

Acacia Blossom

The beautiful Acacia tree. here you will find everything you need to know about the delicious Acacia Honey.


A pair of storks in the distance. Vineyards jammed full of growing vines below. What a tranquil sight.

Elaine my walking companion

After spending some time admiring the staggering views, we headed back down into the village through tightly forested areas stopping occasionally to cross little streams and observing animals tracks.

We are lucky that our village has so many walking trails all colour coded with regular information boards describing the wild life and flora to be found nearby. Extremely useful and interesting.

We are now enjoying much sunnier days and milder nights. Mother Nature never fails to surprise and impress me particularly in the beautiful countryside of Hungary. I shall be out with my camera again very soon.

Everyday Life in Hungary

“Winter Wonderland” Kisszékely Village, Hungary

I have been waiting for snow for weeks, the weather has been very cold but the snow was not forthcoming. Eventually the snow clouds formed and deposited a light dusting, just for me! 😃 Eagerly I took my camera and took a few shots of our village.

Early January

Kisszékely Church

Late January

Towards the end of January we experienced the back end of a cyclone that brought continual snow and another great opportunity to capture some snow shots.

Everywhere was eerily quiet with the clouds white and full. This was early morning, what a beautiful wintery sight greeted me before I went out walking. Our dog Hayley absolutely loved bounding around in the soft powdery snow.

There is a great community spirit in the village when snow falls. People come out with their shovels and clear the footpaths ready for the many elderly walkers who often need to go out for groceries.

Main street, Kisszékely 

The snow was falling with a side wind making it difficult to take pictures. This is the road leading up to the Hunting Lodge

Passing the frozen stream…beside the swimming hut.

Onto the village swimming pool. Closed for all of last year due to the pandemic and looking very chilly!

On into the forest battling the wind and the snow.

Kisszékely Hunting Lodge, but unfortunately no visitors this winter. The village is renowned for its hunting and seasonal fishing.

I padded through the snow down the long entrance to the lodge hoping for a look at the lake behind the building. The lake was frozen and I was reluctant to get too close for fear of slipping.

Making my way back to the village green the beautiful wooden carved statues looked beautiful covered in fresh snow.

Picture postcard beauty everywhere.

My next place to visit was Kisszékely village lake.

This lake was not frozen this time but does freeze over when the temperatures drop very low.

The snow was still falling as I walked around the lake. The fishermen’s piers covered with a layer of snow, with pretty reflections in the water made for a beautiful sight.

My lake walk was complete so made my way towards home when suddenly I was surprised by this adventurous quad-biker! Revving his bike noisily he took off down a lane towards the forest managing to create his own snow storm from his back wheels.

Our faithful dog Hayley popped her head out of our railings when she spotted me coming. She was eager for me to play in the snow with her, which I did until I could no longer feel the tips of my fingers!!

I had a splendid walk totalling four miles and was glad to get back inside for a warming cup of tea. I shall be following the weather forecast hoping for more snow in the coming weeks. Winter has arrived here in Kisszékely.

Seasonal Photographs

Seasonal Summer Photos in and around Kisszékely, Hungary

We are nearing the end of summer in our little rural village of Kisszékely. Our 3rd summer here and every one has been wonderfully beautiful, full of flowers and wildlife, sights and sounds I would never hear in the city.

I have collected together my 12 best summer photos to give you an idea of summer life in Hungary.

The glorious sunflowers of Hungary, all different shades of yellow attracting bees and insects all summer long.

As the late sun goes down over Kisszékely lake it reminds me of why we moved to such a tranquil place. So very peaceful.

Haley Husky loves to get involved in every aspect of gardening! She manages to find her way under my feet regularly!

Hungary are blessed with radiant orangey sunsets, this one was particularly beautiful.

I can’t resist a field of sunflowers in full bloom. The heads are left on until the plant is completely brown and ready for harvesting later in the year.

Our garden has many Hibiscus of varying colours white through pinks and purples. It would appear to be a popular easy to grow plant with many flowers all summer long.

This is my colourful view whilst relaxing on our verandah.

This is the view from our bedroom window… lots of delicious sunflower seeds for hungry finches.

The white roses have flowered three times this year producing a wonderful display.

Walking around the village I was taken in by this lovely front garden. The splash of red often seen in front of Hungarian houses pops out at you. In Hungary the residents are responsible for the grass verges outside their houses.

We are fortunate to have a fairly lively animal farm in the village with a huge variety of animals including there gorgeous donkeys. They were looking hopefully for something to nibble.

Country life in Kisszékely Hungary suits us very well. Now it’s time to prepare for crisp autumn walks and hot warming casseroles.

Everyday Life in Hungary

A Hungarian Village Wedding

Sitting on our verandah we can see and hear pretty much what’s going on in the village all day. We live on the main street so most of the traffic we recognise and wave a cheery “Jo Reggelt Kivanok” (Good Morning in English), to passers by. Our village is a dead end and is usually very quiet.

But not today! I could faintly hear some music getting louder as it came down the hill towards us. What could be going on, my camera at the ready I took a leisurely stroll down to the gate. This is what I saw…

A group of people walking in procession accompanied by some Hungarian music. I spotted a man at the front of the procession, carry a stick full of ribbons and dressed smartly with an interesting hat.

The music became louder as the musicians walked slowly past. I suspected something was happening down at the church. A wedding perhaps? These days with the Covid19 virus around the rules around marriages are different in different countries.

My waiting paid off, the music again could be heard in the distance as the wedding party left the church and made their way up the hill, past our house and towards the lake, presumably for wedding photographs.

The day was especially hot, in the early 30’s degrees centigrade, very warm for walking in the village but a treat for everyone to see.

I later found out that the happy couple’s parents live in the village and dad is our local daily bus driver.

I was intrigued to know the purpose of the gentleman with the ribbons and hat so asked a local facebook group to give me some background of his purpose.

He is the “Master of the Ceremony”. In Hungarian Vőfély. The person who brings fun and joy to the wedding. He creates a good vibe with guests with games and jokes. He is the one who tells short poems to start the different courses of the dinner and makes a funny toast to make the guests drink…creating lots of laughter.

The Vőfély gets a ribbon for each wedding they have participated in. Some Vőfély are very popular and booking him is usually the first wedding related planning that the future bride and groom secure. He is a paid professional.

Those aren’t feathers in his hat as I first thought. It’s a type of wild grass, called “árvalányhaj” (literally, “orphan girl hair”). It only grows in a certain valley in Hungary and protected by the government with massive fines if picked!

It was also interesting to learn that at midnight of the wedding the Vőfély manages the ‘sale of the bride’ (when guests pay or bring their gifts and dance with the bride).

The final lovely touch was that I was offered chocolate sweets by one of the wedding party. It would have been rude to refuse.

As the musicians passed for a second time I felt fortunate to have captured this special moment in this young couples lives. I have also learnt a great deal about Hungarian weddings.

Perhaps I will catch another one soon.

Have you ever come across a wedding by chance, did you take photos?

Everyday Life in Hungary

Exploring Pretty Kisszékely, Hungary in June

The weather in Kisszékely this month has been a mixture of very hot sun and torrential rain showers. Everywhere is noticeably greener and at last feels like summer has arrived.

We are very fortunate to have not one but two lakes in the village. One of them belongs to Simontornya (next village) and the other to Kisszékely. Both lakes are available and accessible to everyone for fishing, picnicking or just sitting an admiring. These are the resident ducks patrolling the waters but sometimes illusive to photograph. I got lucky.

Wandering up the main street of the village, I passed a local Panzio (Bed&Breakfast) looking very empty with currently no guests due to the current pandemic.

These Red Hot Pokers are stunning making such a pretty colourful display on someone’s front verge. I do believe they are also called “Mother-in-Law’s Tongues? In Hungary, unlike England, homeowners have responsibility for the verges outside their houses.

Hungary boasts plenty of lizards, you spot them dashing around or just sitting sunning themselves. This handsome fellow stayed still long enough for me to photograph. There are also an abundance of colourful butterflies everywhere you walk. Nice to look at but when they are caterpillars they demolish my garden!

This time of year the trees are laden with fruit and nuts like these, nectarines, mulberries and hazelnuts.

Kisszékely is in a valley surrounded by hills with staggering views the higher up you go. I walked up as far as I could and spotted hundreds of birds just sitting on the telegraph poles.

I obviously was not quiet enough because suddenly with a whoosh and alot of noise they took flight!

Back down into the village and the entrance to the lake belonging to Simontornya village.

I really like this shot of the path surrounding this lake, like a mysterious tunnel of giant trees, very peaceful and tranquil. A popular place for walking dogs.

I sat on one of the many wooden jetties around the lake to take these shots. The jetties are made of wood and some have seen better days! Each fishing jetty belongs to someone and they usually have name plaques to tell you this.

The last shot of this beautiful lake before moving on.

Kisszékely is a hunting and fishing village attracting many people from far and wide to take part in hunts. There is a hunting lodge in the village specifically for this. Hunters come, pay their dues and take part in organised hunts. The grounds and the forests are extensive and are full of boar and deer. There is a giant outdoor fridge made available for the hunters to store their hunts.

The hunting lodge also has a beautiful lake attached with a million mosquitoes hovering around. It was late in the day, I did not stay long!

Through the forest and from a distance I spotted these deer amongst the darkness of the trees.

The boar breeding is in full swing at the moment. I did not realise they had so many babies. They took a quick look at me and made a run for it!

I know hunting is a controversial topic. I am merely taking photos of what I see and sharing with you snippets of village life.

Mama boar and her cute babies.

Leaving the hunting forest I came across this glorious rustic rambling rose covering a run down building. Just gorgeous.

Hungary is sunflower country, fields and fields of them in the summer. This one however turned her back on me! My first sunflower shot of the year, I shall be taking more sunflower shots soon.

It has been a pleasure putting together this months nature walk, I hope you liked it too. I shall be doing the same next month, follow me to join me on next months’ photographic journey.

Everyday Life in Hungary

May’s Nature Tour around the charming village of Kisszékely, Hungary

Our little village is full of overflowing gardens everywhere you look, this particular one caught my eye, obviously a lot of work went into this with a stunning result, and the bonus…the Mock Orange smelt heavenly!! I took these photos late afternoon hence the lengthening shadows. A beautiful time to explore the village with its changing seasonal beauties. Each month I have taken a walk around Kisszékely with my camera to record natures changes. It is amazing how quickly Mother Nature has awoken to brighten our world.

There is a lovely seated area adjacent to the swimming pool full of maturing shrubs and trees. There are bird boxes and bird tables dotted all around. A pleasure to sit and peacefully admire.

Across the wooden bridge over the reed filled river and to the entrance of the swimming pool area. Open during the hot summer months it’s very well attended. There are wooden picnic tables and huge trees to sit among on the grass. There is also an outdoor oven for Al Fresco dining if you like!

“Messing about on the water” these lads were cycing around the village whislt I was photographing, they were having so much fun, enjoying the fresh air and appreciating their surroundings. That’s what we used to do when we were young…no internet then!!

As I circumnavigated the lake I had to negotiate this wooden bridge and steep slope, stupidly not really having the right footwear was a mistake! Even worse if I visit during the winter months as it does get rather slippery.

Round the other side of Kisszékely Lake I wanted to experiment with framing and used natural objects to achieve this. The trees were growing on an angle towards the water that created a perfect snapshot of the otherside.

My man, my taxi and my other eye. 👓 He is forever patient and waits for hours for me hopping in and out of the car to get that perfect shot.

This is our local church we are high up the side of the valley and I’m having fun, dreadfully modelling for “I can’t use the camera Eric“stood on the edge of a wheat field!

Kisszékely Church and the fabulous view over the valley, everything is so vibrantly green it’s beautiful.

This is a Pince (winehouse/cellar), a tiny building with accomodation at the top and wine making facilities/equipment in the cellar. They are sited next to the owners vineyards. This one had an amazing Virginia Creeper up the whole side of the building, in its garden it had fig trees with ripe fruit.

Over the other side of the valley I got a perfect view of the village church and the Panzio (guest house) we stayed in before we moved over to Hungary permanently. This is the link where we stayed and it was amazing!

I was staggered when I came across masses of wild roses, all growing wild and randomly, their delicate pink petals covering all the hedgerow.

The trees all seem to be heavy with lovely blooms. The other photo shows caves made into the hillside usually at the end of a person’s garden. They are used for storage and are quite a common sight. This garden had a wire fence around it, and a yappy dog, I had to be quick peering through the fence, you can see the bronzing on the photo.

The last view, the vast lush green landscape goes on for miles, over the valley and onto the next little rural village in Hungary.

It has been a pleasure putting together this months nature walk. I shall be doing the same next month, follow me to join me on next months photographic journey.

Photo of the Day - Memorable Hungarian Photographs

Today 14th May, Excellent Hungarian Photo of The Day

Carpets of autumn leaves, Kisszékely Lake, Hungary