Everyday Life in Hungary

March Walking Trails around Kisszékely

Every month I take a leisurely walk with my camera exploring mother nature’s changing scenery. This month I took one of the many nature trails around our village.

Translation: Nature Trail, Blackthorn Boulevard
The currently dry stream waterbed running down the hill under little bridges that provide access to homes.
Masses of fir cones just waiting to be collected. They smell wonderful burnt on the BBQ.
In the cliffside, these little doors kept appearing. I assume they are cellars or storage rooms.
Another doorway requiring closer inspection. Could it be the home of a Hobbit?
Continuing up and up the trail, all we could hear were the birds singing.
We found this little chap, sad and abandoned. Raphael adopted and named him Marshall!
A useful information board detailing our route and items of interest. I will be translating it on our return but for now, we just looked at the pictures.
Precarious trees have fallen over giving a rather spooky feel.
Reassuringly we came across a ‘sign’, we were going in the right direction.
The sunshine has brought the tiny blossoms of the fruit trees out.
The village has plenty of these water pumps dotted around the verges for anyone to use.
On our way back home the only traffic to be seen….tractors!