Family Focus

Haley Husky

Haley our Two Year Old Husky

When we arrived in Hungary our son, Raphael, begged us to get a dog, specifically a Husky. Living in England we were limited on outdoor space so a dog was out of the question. My reasoning had always been, when we move and get a big garden we can have a dog.

Of course now here we had to keep our promise. I decided to do some research on pedigree breeds available in Hungary and found to my dismay that they were way out of our price range. I searched online for private sellers, and was nearly conned by a dubious man, wanting us to send money upfront so he could send a dog by special transport! Alarm bells rang, we did not proceed. Finally I found an ad for a Husky puppy located a six hour drive away on the border with Romania. Eric and a very excited Raphael made the long trip to pick up our new pup!

I was shocked to discover when they returned home that the male dog they had intended to buy was actually female! Nevertheless she was the cutest puppy I had ever seen. Understandably she was incredibly nervous and withdrawn for the first weeks but soon became accustomed to her new surroundings. A slight issue was that she had only been spoken too in Hungarian. We tried everything to train her to be obedient, in English, but with very little success. Eventually she adapted to her new language but we still have obedience problems to this day!

Four months old

Haley lives outside, in a kennel with a run and access to our huge garden. She is allowed inside as long as she is not wet! Haley is smart, loving and loyal. Her “boss” is Eric and with his stern voice will usually do as she is told.

Having a dog is a HUGE commitment and initially was a massive learning curve for us all. We have never been dog-owners but now would certainly be lost without her.