Daily prompt: Slow

Thanks to Ben Huberman for creating this challenge 👍

I liked this simple definition of slow in the dictionary…

Moving, happening, or doing something without much speed

My first thoughts conjured up images of our current lifestyle here in rural Hungary. When I say rural I mean VERY rural, most of the traffic in our little village consists of horses and tractors…slow ones…ambling along taking up the whole road!

Hello tractor!

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in the countryside, the sounds are so different from the city where I used to live, the air is so incredibly clean, the wildlife is amazing but the tractors are SLOW! It took me a full year to become accustomed to this slow pace of life, no-one is in a hurry, life follows no set clock like in the clock-watching city.

Our village has horses, I can hear them neighing when the wind is in the right direction. They lead a good life here, grazing in the beautiful meadows. They often walk through the village pulling carts. Clip clop, slow and sure, 2 or 3 at a time, stopping now and then to nibble the grass verges.

Just out walking!

In the summer months families visit our little village and take a ride around in a horse and cart, enjoying the slow ride checking out the lovely scenery. We have 2 beautiful lakes and several nature trails making life here peacefully tranquil.

Our little village in Hungary

You would think that horses were just confined to the villages of Hungary but they do appear on the main roads too. Going about their business, transporting a variety of different things….all very slowly!

Not unusual to see horses on the main roads

The last thing I must mention are the staggering sunsets I enjoy here, the sun going down slowly behinds the hills is an amazing sight. As the village sits in a valley, we go up to the ridges for the best views.

Sunset in Hungary

Our lives slowed down when we became expats, living abroad has been good for our family, and we have all learnt to appreciate the “other side” city life v country life… the slow country life wins hands down.