Everyday Life in Hungary

“Winter Wonderland” Kisszékely Village, Hungary

I have been waiting for snow for weeks, the weather has been very cold but the snow was not forthcoming. Eventually the snow clouds formed and deposited a light dusting, just for me! 😃 Eagerly I took my camera and took a few shots of our village.

Early January

Kisszékely Church

Late January

Towards the end of January we experienced the back end of a cyclone that brought continual snow and another great opportunity to capture some snow shots.

Everywhere was eerily quiet with the clouds white and full. This was early morning, what a beautiful wintery sight greeted me before I went out walking. Our dog Hayley absolutely loved bounding around in the soft powdery snow.

There is a great community spirit in the village when snow falls. People come out with their shovels and clear the footpaths ready for the many elderly walkers who often need to go out for groceries.

Main street, Kisszékely 

The snow was falling with a side wind making it difficult to take pictures. This is the road leading up to the Hunting Lodge

Passing the frozen stream…beside the swimming hut.

Onto the village swimming pool. Closed for all of last year due to the pandemic and looking very chilly!

On into the forest battling the wind and the snow.

Kisszékely Hunting Lodge, but unfortunately no visitors this winter. The village is renowned for its hunting and seasonal fishing.

I padded through the snow down the long entrance to the lodge hoping for a look at the lake behind the building. The lake was frozen and I was reluctant to get too close for fear of slipping.

Making my way back to the village green the beautiful wooden carved statues looked beautiful covered in fresh snow.

Picture postcard beauty everywhere.

My next place to visit was Kisszékely village lake.

This lake was not frozen this time but does freeze over when the temperatures drop very low.

The snow was still falling as I walked around the lake. The fishermen’s piers covered with a layer of snow, with pretty reflections in the water made for a beautiful sight.

My lake walk was complete so made my way towards home when suddenly I was surprised by this adventurous quad-biker! Revving his bike noisily he took off down a lane towards the forest managing to create his own snow storm from his back wheels.

Our faithful dog Hayley popped her head out of our railings when she spotted me coming. She was eager for me to play in the snow with her, which I did until I could no longer feel the tips of my fingers!!

I had a splendid walk totalling four miles and was glad to get back inside for a warming cup of tea. I shall be following the weather forecast hoping for more snow in the coming weeks. Winter has arrived here in Kisszékely.