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Lajoskomáromi Pincefesztivál

August 2020 Lajoskomáromi Village, Hungary.

Wine Festival

This lovely little village is a 30 minute drive from our home and I was fortunate to be able to get a copy of the wine festival map to see what was going on.

Lajoskomáromi Pincefesztivál is an annual event and we made it our destination of the day! 🍷

The first time either of us had been to a Wine Festival in Hungary.

With the weather at a hot 34 degrees we made our way to this charming village holding the festival.

Every Pince (Wine House) had ladies serving glasses of wine, red and white.

A Pince is a place where wine is produced from the owner’s vineyards. Each year a competition is held to determine the best wine. A small fee is charged at the entrance of the festival in exchange for a glass in a bag to hang around your neck. You can visit as many Pince’s as you like or are able!!

Notice the glass carrier around the wine drinkers neck.

To make sure it was a truly family day, a super, predominantly wooden play area had been set up for the children to play in. It was excellent! Even the roundabout was made of wood and hand driven.

Good to see outdoor Jenga!

No festival would be complete without sticky sweets laid out in boxes under a vivid pink canopy.

For the older kids an area had been set aside for the more traditional fairground rides accompanied by pulsating music and smiling teens….although not so smiling in this shot!

After walking around the fairground we ventured into the heart of the village to explore the Pince’s.

We were delighted to see and hear traditional music as we approached the Pince’s.

Outside the next Pince, the same, it was magical to just sit and listen in the sunshine.

It became clear that this was a truly family event with huge families picnicking, meats on open fires, the smell of pork wafting on the wind.

Family and friends enjoy the outdoor life in Hungary.

This was the last Pince we visited and was invited down into the cellars to see the wine being processed. Every Hungarian is proud of their home-made wine and consider their Bor (wine) as the best.

Eric got chatty with this particular Pince owner and his friends, what a friendly bunch! As is customary Hungarians like their wine and these guys were enjoying the festival with great gusto! So much so red wine ended up down Eric’s tee shirt!!

Walking through the village back to the car we came across this magnificent peach tree…I have never seen such a laden tree. Also the Horse Chestnut Tree developing plenty of Autumn conkers.

Our first wine festival in Hungary and it won’t be the last!

By Sue

I am an English Ex-Pat living in Hungary with my wonderful husband and gaming-mad teenage son. You can find me frequently writing, reading and taking photographs. We live in a beautiful small rural village surrounded by forests and lakes always appreciating the beauty around us. Life is good.

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